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    Core Leadership Area Director



    The mission of the New York State SHRM Diversity Committee is to support human resource professionals by providing educational tools, best practices, and programmatic activities that promote the importance of establishing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive work environment.

    SHRM Resources  

    SHRM National – main website for SHRM

    SHRM VLRC – the volunteer leader resource center by SHRM for volunteer leaders

    SHRM Diversity – SHRM’s Diversity & Inclusion content

    SHRM VLRC Diversity – the VLRC’s Diversity & Inclusion content

    Topic Areas

    Disability – the Americans with Disabilities Act website

    Gender – the WomenWork website, a site for women’s issues in the workforce

    Legal – the US Department of Labor website for legal guidance and drill downs into diversity issues related to legislation

    Older Workers – AARP, a nonprofit focused on aging individuals and their rights

    Sexuality – a website hosted by the Human Rights Campaign focusing on LGBTQ issues

    Veterans – website focusing on veterans issues

    Advocacy Groups

    ACLU – website for the American Civil Liberties Union with topics on marginalized and minority populations

    National Urban League – website with resources and links related to cultural and racial diversity


    DiversityInc – a website and periodical on current diversity issues

    Forbes – a business magazine with current articles about diversity issues

    Harvard Business Review – digital and paperback periodical with regular articles on diversity issues