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About Us

    Mission Statement

    The Mission of the New York State Society for Human Resource Management, Inc. is to:

    • Promote the education/professional development of members in New York State through support of SHRM services
    • Create value for and to serve the interests of SHRM members-at-large and members of SHRM chapters in New York State
    • Promote the progress and presence of SHRM to the Human Resources Community in New York State through programs, conferences, and other activities
    • Provide volunteer and leadership training opportunities at state, regional, and national levels
    • Enhance communications between national SHRM, the New York State Society for Human Resource Management, Inc., and SHRM chapters in New York State

    Who We Are

    The New York State Society for Human Resource Management, Inc., is your link between a chapter and SHRM. The State Council's structure consists of volunteer leaders. The officers are elected. Committee chairpersons and district directors are appointed by the Council from those expressing an interest to serve in a particular capacity.

    What We Do

    • Meets four times per year
    • Provides Educational Seminars for its members and other HR professionals
    • Supports the SHRM Foundation
    • Maintains a state website
    • Serves as a conduit for communication between SHRM, the chapters and the members
    • Shares best practices with chapters across the state
    • Conducts an annual conference to promote professional development in the HR field

    SHRM's volunteer leadership structure links members with the Board of Directors, the policy-making body of SHRM. Each chapter president serves as a voting member of the council.

    Some of the major purposes of the New York State Council

    • Provide a forum for chapters to discuss common issues, problems, concerns, and to share ideas and successes
    • Facilitate information from chapters to the State Council and Northeast Regional Council and vice versa
    • Represent SHRM by visiting chapters and promoting and sharing with individual members the services and benefits SHRM offers
    • Assessing chapter and member needs and meeting these needs by providing information
    • Adopting programs that will promote the progress, visibility and welfare of SHRM and its members in HR profession
    • Communicating with the SHRM at-large members--those not affiliated with a specific chapter
    • Coordinating state and national legislative initiatives

    The combined efforts of the State Councils are represented by the Northeast Regional Council. SHRM is divided into five regions. The Regional Council communicates between SHRM members and the State Council.