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Monday P.M. Keynote: Dr. Rosita Lopez

    Rosita Lopez, Professor                          

    Dr. Rosita Lopez is a Professor and previous faculty chair of the Department of Educational Administration and School Business Management, Department of Leadership and Educational Policy Studies, at Northern Illinois University (NIU) in DeKalb, Illinois. She has been recognized with full honor and distinction in the International Who's Who of Professionals. Dr. Lopez received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Illinois. She received her Masters degree from National-Louis University in Evanston, Illinois and completed her Doctoral degree from Northern Illinois University.

    Dr. Lopez received the Top Ten Teaching Award for outstanding teaching performance from Northern Illinois University. She has also authored and published numerous articles and publications. Formerly, she coordinated programs for the Department of Equal Educational Opportunities and was also the Director of Training for Reform Implementation in Chicago. Dr. Lopez, a certified bilingual educator, has vast experience in the educational arena, including working with non-traditional parents and providing leadership for Educational Reform-related issues.

    A creative competent administrator, Dr. Lopez is a former high school dropout who later earned her GED, dropped back into the system, and eventually earned her doctorate in education. She is a strong woman of passion and vision that possesses the ability to empower diverse groups and individuals with the skills needed to succeed in reforming education. She believes that equity must be achieved without sacrificing excellence in Educational Reform.

    Dr. Lopez's international travels, parenting skills and classroom teaching experience at the elementary, undergraduate and graduate levels have enhanced her insightful workshops, seminars and keynote addresses. Her presentations are lively, her illustrations practical and her messages motivating and inspirational. She is a proud educator and a gifted speaker, whose training, skills and experience are an invaluable resource to those in search of answers in educating multicultural students in changing schools.

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